Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Internet2 and Level 3 to Offer Advanced Networking Awards

Level 3 Communications will sponsor a new "Wave of the Future" category as part of the Internet2 Driving Exemplary Applications (IDEA) Awards program.

Open to existing or proposed applications, the Internet2 IDEA awards are designed to showcase projects that apply the latest in advanced networking capabilities to enable transformational progress in research, to enhance teaching and learning, and to potentially increase the impact of next-generation networks around the world.

Through sponsorship provided by Level 3, the winning submission in the "Wave of the Future" category will receive a dedicated, point-to-point optical circuit of up to 10 Gbps on the new Internet2 network infrastructure between two connector sites for a one year period. The circuit will be provided specifically to support and enable the award-winning project.

  • Earlier this month, the Internet2 initiative completed the rollout of its new nationwide network infrastructure, which boasts an initial capacity of 100 Gbps nationwide and bandwidth-on-demand capabilities. Beginning in January 2008, the DCN will enable researchers to provision up to 10 Gbps of dedicated bandwidth on demand. The new infrastructure also enables long-term dedicated point-to-point optical circuits up to 10 Gbps on separate wavelengths as part of the organization's WaveCo service.

  • Level 3 is deploying Infinera's Digital Optical Networking equipment across the dedicated high capacity backbone to enable dynamic optical circuit provisioning for the Internet2 community. Internet2 has also partnered with Ciena Corporation to deploy their CoreDirector Multiservice Switch for switching and sub-wavelength grooming services which allows members to customize their connections from 10 Gbps down to 51 Mbps to meet their institutional networking needs. Internet2 will deploy its current Juniper T640 routers to provide advanced IP capabilities.

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