Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Integra5 Cites "Stickiness" of TV Caller ID for Customer Loyalty

TV Caller ID plays a significant role in subscriber retention and positively influences subscribers' overall perception of their service provider, according Integra5, which supplies a Converged Services Platform for carriers.

A survey of some 3,500 residential subscribers of Comporium, a South Carolina-based quintuple play provider, polled subscribers who are already using a converged service.

Respondents ranked interest in future real-time converged communications and content services that incorporate advanced interactivity, personalization and user management capabilities. Below are the top five, in order of interest:

1. 90% - Ability to manage which TVs and PCs display Caller ID

2. 81% - Personalization features, such as the ability to add pictures and photos to TV and PC Caller ID and to a network address book

3. 81% - Content alerts, which incorporate RSS and Web-based technology to display banners with local, national and international news, weather, sports and other information on TVs and PCs

4. 80% - "Click-to-call," which enables users to place calls from the TV network address book and call/voicemail logs via the TV remote control

5. 77% - Voicemail alerts and playback, which notify users - via TV/PC
banner alerts - of landline or mobile phone voicemails. Users can also view a voicemail log and play voicemails on their TVs/PCs


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