Sunday, October 28, 2007

Huawei Unveils its ALL IP 4G Platform

Huawei Technologies rolled out its New Generation WiMAX commercial solution at PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2007 in Beijing.

Huawei said its ALL IP- based New Generation WiMAX solution adopts HSPA/LTE/UMB co-platform infrastructure, and integrates the 4G technologies including HARQ (Hybrid Automatic Repeat-reQuest), MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Out-put). The products include a gateway, distributed base station, transmission, network management system and terminal. The solution could be deployed alongside GSM, CDMA, IMS, NGN and DSL integrated network.

Also at PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2007, Huawei showcased its 100 Mbps Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology in a demonstration of multiplexed HDTV services. The demonstration features transmission speeds of 100 Mbps.


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