Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hibernia Offers 40 Gbps Wavelengths from Boston to Halifax

Hibernia Atlantic has begun offering native 40 Gbps capacity over a subsea span between Boston and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Hibernia Atlantic has deployed Huawei Technologies' optical transmission gear to enable this service. Specifically, Huawei supplied a 192-channel, 40G system; increasing the capacity from 1.9 Tbps to 7.68 Tbps using 40G technology.

Huawei accomplished this upgrade with its internally developed, 40G integrated solution, which includes its patented DRZ/ODB technologies. Huawei's 40G transponder also features automatic electrical dispersion compensation, eliminating the need for DCM modules.
In addition, Anritsu supplied its network performance tester for the deployment test, as well as its 40G SDH/SONET analyzer.

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