Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Global Crossing Expands VoIP Network in USA, Mexico

Global Crossing announced the extension of its VoIP Local Service to 16 major metropolitan cities in Mexico and nearly 400 additional cities in the United States. The addition of Mexico brings to 21 the total number of countries worldwide where the service is offered. In the U.S., the company expanded availability of VoIP Local Service to nearly 400 additional cities, including Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Tucson, bringing that total to more than 1,400 nationwide.

Global Crossing VoIP Local Service is an inbound local service that provides nationwide Direct Inward Dialing/Direct Dial Inward functionality through a single IP interconnection. The service lets customers originate traffic on the public switched telephone network in different countries. Traffic is then converted to VoIP on Global Crossing's network and delivered to the customer's IP network. VoIP Local Service also can eliminate traditional time division multiplexing, private line and foreign exchange service fees by providing a single IP connection to serve multiple markets. The service is delivered over Global Crossing's global, fully meshed MPLS-based network.

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