Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fujitsu and Navini Demo Beamformed Mobile WiMAX

Navini Networks and Fujitsu Microelectronics America (FMA) demonstrated multi-vendor interoperability of "Smart WiMAX" technology -- the conjunction of smart beamforming with Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) on a Mobile WiMAX (802.16e) network.

The companies estimate Smart WiMAX systems will provide a doubling of system capacity, while offering up to twice the coverage of simple WiMAX networks in a fully mobile setting.

The demonstration, the first in the industry between two different vendors, took place in Navini's test facility in Richardson, Texas, using Navini's Ripwave MX8 base station running Mobile WiMAX software and a CPE reference design prototype based on the Fujitsu MB86K21 802.16e-2005 Mobile WiMAX chip. Smart WiMAX beamformed connectivity was achieved using "dedicated pilots," a mandatory feature for all Wave 2 Mobile Station subscriber devices required for certification under published WiMAX Forum profiles.

Navini's combination of standards-based beamforming with MIMO is called Smart WiMAX. Navini is working with partners such as Fujitsu to extend the capabilities of Smart WiMAX to include beamformed MIMO, which can double received data rates and improve the reliability of a mobile signal.

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