Tuesday, October 30, 2007

EMBARQ Links Home and Wireless Phones

EMBARQ announced a new "Together Plan Plus" linking its residential and mobile phone services. Customers are able to control where they take the call, when to take the call and what phone to use with new calling feature capabilities. A call to a customer's home number could simultaneously ring their wireless phone or be directed to any alternate phone if there is no answer. Customers can transfer calls they've received on their home phone to any other wireless or landline phone they have pre-selected without interrupting the call. The call can then be either transferred back to the originally called number or to a third number, helping to reduce the number of wireless minutes customers use when they are at home.

EMBARQ Together Plan Plus works with the customer's existing EMBARQ home phone service and any wireless service. However, customers with EMBARQ Wireless service can also direct unanswered wireless phone calls to ring multiple devices.


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