Monday, October 8, 2007

DSL Forum: IPTV Users Top 8 Million, Broadband at 313 Million

The number of IPTV users worldwide has topped 8 million. Europe added 3 million IPTV subscribers in the 12 months to 30-June-07, making it the strongest market in terms of growth (up 231% in 12 months) and total subscribers (now 5 million).

"Top markets like France (2,550,000 customers) and Hong Kong (938,000
customers) show that IPTV can be deployed rapidly to large numbers of
subscribers, if the market conditions are right," said Point Topic Senior
Analyst John Bosnell.

According to data provided for the DSL Forum by Point Topic, the total number of broadband access lines worldwide has topped 313 million. DSL remains the most popular access technology with over 200 million installed lines.