Tuesday, October 23, 2007

DSL Forum Advances its Specification Work

The DSL Forum today unveiled its BroadbandSuite Release Plan, representing a major new phase of its work to advance broadband services.

The DSL Forum has developed approximately 150 Technical Reports (TRs) over the past 14 years that address issues that range from interoperability to remote management of the digital home. The goal of the Forum's new Release Plan is to clearly identify which TRs are associated with specific milestones of broadband development. The Release Plan also provides for the first time, a defined roadmap of Forum work in the pipeline--spelling out exactly what is the next stage of development.

BroadbandSuite Release 1.0: This initial set of specifications provided for Internet access via ADSL or SHDSL over a QoS-enabled ATM architecture. It supports VoIP transport & VoDSL.

BroadbandSuite Release 2.0 is a solution set of the DSL Forum's most recent work, defining the platform that effectively supports more complex applications such as IPTV streaming. It specifies triple-play access via ADSL2plus over a QoS-enabled Ethernet architecture. Full support for multicast.

BroadbandSuite Release 3.0 is tentatively scheduled for completion and release third quarter 2008. It will define triple-play access via VDSL2 & GPON over a QoS-enabled Ethernet architecture. Full support for multicast to enable IPTV streaming, data model and integrated remote management of Set-Top Box, performance monitoring & diagnostics, and more.


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