Monday, October 1, 2007

Centillium Targets Multi-Service Access with Entropia III-C

Centillium Communications released its "Entropia" III-C system-on-chip (SoC) VoIP solution targeting multi-service access applications such as POTS replacement and Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) environments. Entropia solutions power voice and media gateways, wireless infrastructure gateways, Class 4 and 5 switches, DLC, voice-enabled IP routers, and IP-PBX systems.

Centillium said Entropia" III-C's high degree of integration minimizes external component counts and PCB layers to reduce overall system bill-of-materials (BOM) costs. It delivers 72 LBR channels of voice independent of the codecs in use. While other solutions achieve up to 72 channels with bandwidth-friendly compressed codecs, their capacity degrades to levels as low as 30 channels per card when bandwidth-intensive uncompressed codecs are processed. In contrast, Entropia III-C offers available support for all wireline and wireless codecs while assuring the maximum 72-channel capacity regardless of the mix of codecs in routing.

Entropia III-C also features a MIPS 300MHz bootable host processor and an integrated security engine. Interface options include 16/32 bit DDR1, dual GigE interfaces, optional Utopia2/POS Phy, 2 UARTs, TDM and SPI.

Centillium noted that its Entropia software fully supports IMS architecture, enabling on-demand delivery of rich media services over wireless and wireline networks.

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