Monday, October 8, 2007

BitTorrent Unveils Delivery Network Accelerator (DNA) Service

BitTorrent unveiled its Delivery Network Accelerator (DNA) service, which is a peer-accelerated content delivery service for downloads or media streams. The new BitTorrent DNA content delivery service is targeted at the needs of commercial content publishers including media companies, software firms and video game publishers.

BitTorrent DNA provides fast downloads for large files like feature-length movies, games, and software programs. The system can leverage traditional content delivery networks (CDNs), origin servers or data center solutions, at the same time enabling content publishers to shift as much as 80 percent of content delivery to a secure, managed peer network.

BitTorrent said its peer network acceleration dramatically improves the speed and reliability of content delivery, while also greatly reducing bandwidth usage and costs. Specifically, BitTorrent DNA:

  • shifts the delivery of the content to a managed peer network, resulting in faster, more reliable content delivery, with disruptively lower content delivery costs;

  • seamlessly overlays any existing host and origin infrastructure, requiring no additional hardware or changes to content management systems;

  • scales organically with demand, providing a consistently high-quality user experience even when demand spikes unexpectedly;

  • provides reporting tools and client telemetry to give visibility across all deployed content delivery solutions, including third-party content delivery networks (CDNs);

  • is designed and managed as a secure, private delivery network for a publisher's content, providing superior control, performance and Quality of Service (QoS).

The company said pricing is flexible whereby customers only pay for gigabytes of data delivered by the managed peer network.