Monday, October 29, 2007

AT&T Expands its Wholesale VoIP Connect Service

AT&T is expanding its wholesale Voice Over IP Connect Service (AVOICS), which provides U.S. service providers with IP-based connectivity to AT&T's global IP network for long distance call termination.

AVOICS provides unbranded and unbundled transport over the AT&T network, as well as termination of international and U.S. domestic traffic. Customers connect to the service via AT&T's Managed Internet Service (MIS)/Multiprotocol Label Switching-Private Network Transport (MPLS-PNT) service, which provides class-of-service voice quality, key security elements and advanced network reliability. AVOICS accepts U.S.-originated domestic outbound (1+) calls and international outbound (011+) calls by using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signaling.

AT&T said it has now expanded the scale and scope of its wholesale VoIP services, and is now offering AVOICS to customers that want the service with T1, T3 and OCX connectivity as well as meeting a market demand for a customer managed model.

The expansion of AVOICS specifically includes:

  • Increased capacity in the VoIP network infrastructure to meet customer traffic demand

  • Increased connectivity from T1 to T3 ... all the way to OC48

  • Moving from an AT&T Managed Router Model to a Customer Managed Router Model to monitor the circuit

  • Native and non-native IP traffic on the same circuit with unique IP signaling addresses

AT&T said it will continue to provide its Global Hubbing IP Access (GHIA) for operators that carry substantial volumes of international traffic. With GHIA, customers send their VoIP traffic to the AT&T network for VoIP termination. If no VoIP termination is available, a Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) conversion is made to cost-effectively deliver calls over AT&T's network. AT&T also offers AT&T IP Toll-Free service to wholesale customers for use in their own large call centers, supporting their evolution to the contact center of the future.

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