Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Agito Develops Location-Aware Enterprise FMC Platform

Agito Networks, a start-up based in Sunnyvale, California, unveiled its "RoamAnywhere" Mobility Router, an enterprise-class platform that uses RF-based, location-aware technologies to better mobilize voice and data applications, while remaining agnostic to enterprise customers' choices of mobile carriers and equipment vendors.

Agito Networks' RoamAnywhere is an enterprise mobility solution delivered on a network appliance and mobile client for Nokia/Symbian and Windows Mobile dual mode phones that enables organizations to mobilize their voice and data applications. The Agito RoamAnywhere Mobility Router is delivered in a hardened, turn-key appliance. The Agito RoamAnywhere Client, which supports multiple mobile phone operating systems, has a small footprint that is installed over the air. RoamAnywhere's hybrid architecture separates the voice control traffic from data traffic, reducing appliance load, response time, and overhead.

Agito said its goal is to provide enterprises with cellular cost savings, IT control and visibility over mobile devices and usage, robust in-building wireless coverage and productivity benefits.

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