Sunday, October 7, 2007

Agilent Offers Ethernet OAM Test Solution

Agilent Technologies introduced a single-platform test solution for protocol emulation and conformance testing of Ethernet Operations, Administration and Maintenance (E-OAM). E-OAM provides end-to-end Carrier Ethernet diagnostic capabilities that allow service providers to rapidly detect and locate faults, ensuring the reliable delivery of delay-sensitive triple play services.

Agilent said its solution enables network equipment manufacturers and service providers to ensure their Carrier Ethernet devices meet E-OAM performance and scalability requirements, conform to new international standards, and interoperate in very large multi-vendor networks.

The new Agilent N2X N5581A and N5585A emulations test a Carrier Ethernet device's protocol implementation against many thousands of similar emulated devices, enabling Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) scalability characterization in carrier-scale networks without a costly test-bed of thousands of real devices. The emulation software is complemented by the N2X N5718A CFM conformance test suite, which validates device compliance to IEEE 802.1ag, draft 8. Conformance testing is a prerequisite for regression testing of each software release.

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