Monday, September 3, 2007

TI Launches Low-Cost DaVinci Processor for HD Video Devices

Texas Instruments (TI) released a new embedded DaVinci processor with ARM host control and complete development tools. The new digital media processor, which is priced at under $10 is aimed supporting HD video in digital cameras, IP video cameras, digital photo frames and video baby monitors.

The new DaVinci processor consists of an integrated video processing subsystem, an MPEG-4-JPEG co-processor (MJCP), an ARM926EJ-S core and peripherals. The processor is available in clock speeds of up to 216 MHz or 270 MHz, which allows for a scalable line of products.

The MJCP provides HD MPEG-4 SP encode or decode at 720p and 30 frames per second and JPEG encode or decode at 50 MegaPixels per second.
TI said the device will deliver battery life that is up to twice the life of currently available portable HD systems. Depending on the application, the DM355 consumes approximately 400mW during HD MPEG-4 encoding and only 1mW of stand-by power. As an example, this means that consumers using DM355-based digital cameras in video mode can expect to record 80 minutes of HD video while using just two AA batteries.

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