Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sycamore Debuts New Multiservice Optical Switching Platform

Sycamore Networks introduced its new SN 9000 optical switching platform designed for carrier applications in the 80-320 Gbps bandwidth range. The SN 9000 offers a non-blocking multiservice switch fabric that provides distributed, tiered grooming that improves bandwidth utilization across the network.

Sycamore said the platform brings important new functionality to multiservice switching -- including unique bandwidth capacity licensing, service modularity, and any-service, any-port features. These functions include low-order (VT/VC) and high-order (OC-n/STM-n) switching, add-drop multiplexing, advanced Ethernet services, and integrated optical transport.

Highlights include:

  • Any-service, any-port flexibility simplifies circuit/packet service provisioning and improves operational efficiency

  • Pay-as-you-grow bandwidth licensing reduces initial deployment costs without imposing fixed node or slot configurations

  • In-service scalability from 80 Gbps to 320 Gbps

  • Layered service provisioning minimizes operational complexities of new service introduction

  • Converged IP service grooming optimizes bandwidth aggregation and capacity utilization

  • Diverse protection and restoration options -- ring, mesh, and hybrid -- deliver high-availability and service resiliency

  • Common networking (BroadLeaf) and management (SILVX) software, shared by all Sycamore optical switches, enhances operational efficiencies and end-to-end service management

The SN 9000 is currently shipping to a Tier 1 European wireless operator for production deployment.

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