Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Raza Supports Intel Geneseo and QuickAssist Initiatives

Raza Microelectronics announced its support for Intel's Geneseo (next generation PCI Express) technologies through the integration of RMI's XLR and XLS Processors into Intel-based products. The company said that for future RMI Scalable Processor Solutions, the addition of Geneseo (next generation PCI Express*) technologies will provide the next level in high performance. RMI will include this capability in its next generation high-end XLR Processor products, and with this, the full capabilities of the XLR Processor will be able to take advantage of the exceptional speed and low latency of the of the new interface.

Currently the high-performance acceleration capabilities of RMI's Scalable Processor Solutions Processor families can be integrated with an Intel Platform to produce solutions. RMI's Scalable Processor Solutions are multi-core multi-threaded processors for next generation applications such as integrated security, Web services, virtualized storage, load balancing, server offload and intelligent routing and switching systems. The XLR 700 and XLR 500 series processors are software and hardware compatible and each processor is available in a variety of power options including standard, low and ultra low power.