Thursday, September 6, 2007

Raza Partners with Newport Media, Softronix, DiBcom for Mobile TV

Raza Microelectronics has added Newport Media and Softronix Corporation to its MIPS-Based eco-system, the RMI Partner Alliance (RPA). This hardware and software combination adds the necessary components, when combined with an RMI Alchemy Au1250, to power mobile devices providing full MobileTV functionality, including DVB-T/H, DMB, and ISDB-T.

Newport Media is a fabless semiconductor company that supplies innovative products to the mobile broadcast media market. The company's Sundance Series SOC solution uses proprietary circuit technology and advanced system architectures, providing a complete receiver platform supporting a wide variety of emerging MobileTV standards.

Softronix brings a DTV software solution supporting major DTV standards worldwide. The Softronix software package enables TV applications on RMI Alchemy powered mobile devices. In addition to their TV application software, Softronix's underlying value is in embedded DTV middleware for handheld devices, including PDA, PMP and PND products.

Separately, Raza Microelectronics announced the addition of DiBcom to its MIPS-Based eco-system, the RMI Partner Alliance (RPA). DiBcom designs highly integrated chipsets for enabling low-power mobile and portable TV reception. The company's solutions are used in automotive, portable LCD TV, PC, mobile phones and other handheld device applications.