Sunday, September 30, 2007

PostPath Enhances its Exchange-Compatible Email Server

PostPath, a start-up offering a drop-in compatible alternative to Microsoft Exchange, announced PostPath Server version 3.0, now featuring support for both Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) and Microsoft ActiveSync email push technologies.

The new support in PostPath 3.0 enables companies to deploy mobile access alongside their Outlook desktops, and to use web browser-based access to supplement or displace traditional desktop systems. BES support enables feature-rich high performance for Blackberry devices including Pearl and Curve. ActiveSync support enables users of Palm/Treo, Motorola Q, Symbian, Nokia, Windows Mobile, Helios, Blackjack, and High Tech Computer (HTC) devices -- and ultimately Apple iPhone users -- to access email, calendar, and other information on the PostPath server.

In addition, PostPath said performance gains in its Server 3.0 release enable it to deliver three to five times the performance of Exchange for Outlook and mobile clients alike.

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