Tuesday, September 4, 2007

OPNET Develops "Live" User Monitoring Solution

OPNET Technologies introduced a solution for passive end user experience monitoring. The new "ACE Live" will integrate with OPNET's ACE for rapid diagnosis of detected application performance problems in high-speed environments. ACE provides analytics for in-depth troubleshooting of application performance. The new offering is planned to be available in the second calendar quarter of 2008.

OPNET said its solution will offer both agent-less monitoring and optional active monitoring. These two approaches are complementary. Live monitoring tracks the actual response time that users are experiencing, with alerting and rapid diagnosis of performance problems.

In addition to announcing ACE Live, OPNET is showing major new and upcoming releases of many of their software offerings, including release 14.0 of ACE, IT Guru Network Planner and SP Guru Network Planner, SP Guru Transport Planner, IT Guru Systems Planner, IT Sentinel and SP Sentinel, IT Netcop and SP Netcop, OPNET Modeler, OPNET Panorama release 4.5, OPNET LoadScaler release 8.0, and SLA Commander release 4.5.


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