Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nortel Announces All-IP Platform for GSM/UMTS, AT&T to Deploy

AT&T will be among the first to deploy selected elements Nortel's new All-IP product line for GSM and UMTS wireless networks.

Nortel's All-IP product line aims to simplify and consolidate service provider networks to decrease operation costs through easier maintenance and management of networks.

Nortel's product launch includes a new MSC Server which uses commercial-off-the-shelf ATCA technology enabling operators to support multiple applications on the same type of platform. The new product line also includes high-density VoIP Media Gateways capable of supporting more subscribers with less equipment than traditional platforms at a significantly lower cost for the operator.

The deployment of Nortel's new product line is compliant to R4 standards, which is a release of the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), and these products can reduce operator costs by enabling more efficient use of transmission capacity and reducing the amount of network equipment required to support wireless services.

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