Thursday, September 13, 2007

NeoPhotonics Unveils "Ultra" Tunable Laser covering 200 Wavelengths

NeoPhotonics unveiled a new tunable laser that can be tuned to any of 200 wavelengths and is suitable for metro, long-haul and ultra long-haul DWDM networks with data rates from 2.5G to 40 Gbps.

NeoPhotonics' new ultra widely tunable NTL2000 laser features an 80 nm tuning range, enabling it to transmit virtually the same output waveform at every frequency in the C-band, L-band, extended L-band (XL-band), or both C+L bands (tuning over 80 nm with channel spacing based on the ITU-T specified 50 GHz grid).

NeoPhotonics said its NTL2000 laser can address all commonly used wavelengths in DWDM systems and essentially do the work of any of 200 single wavelength lasers. As a result, it reduces the complexity and cost of systems design and lowers the cost of sparing and inventory management for both network equipment manufacturers and their network operator customers. An ultra-wide tuning range plus adjustable optical power makes the NeoPhotonics ITLA (integratable tuner laser assembly) product a "universal DWDM laser" for most optical transport applications.

The NeoPhotonics design uses a continuous wave (CW) external cavity laser delivering high spectral purity with low RIN, low SMSR and narrow line width. The output power is adjustable with standard outputs of 10mW and 20mW. It has fast wavelength tuning to meet the standards for SONET/SDH and DWDM protection switching, dynamically reconfigurable networks and remote provisioning and testing.