Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Motorola Shows WiMAX 802.16e Mobile Handoffs in Chicago

Motorola demonstrated live mobile WiMAX 802.16e handoffs on Sprint's pre-commercial Xohm network in Chicago. The array of devices used during the demonstration included Motorola's trial WiMAX mobile handset developed for high speed video telephony and laptops enabled with Motorola's WiMAX PC cards. The network infrastructure used was standard Motorola WAP 25400 access points with backhaul provided by Motorola's wireless IP backhaul equipment to its Innovation Center in Schaumburg, Ill., where a Motorola IMS provided connection to the public switched telephone network.

The Chicago market is one of six in the U.S. that Sprint (NYSE:S) has awarded to Motorola to build WiMAX network infrastructure to support its recently announced Xohm mobile Internet services.