Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mformation Enhances Mobile Device Management for Enterprises

Mformation Technologies introduced an enhanced version of its mobile device management environment that gives enterprise IT managers direct control of employee mobile handsets under an operator contract

Mformation's Enterprise Manager provides a number of benefits to operators and enterprises, including the ability to remotely configure, diagnose, update, secure and manage mobile devices and applications directly. At the core of Mformation's MDM solution is a carrier-grade over-the-air (OTA) server that incorporates support for multiple device management protocols, an automation engine, a reporting engine, customizable alerts and alarms and a sophisticated scheduling engine.

Mformation said its solution works with over 1,200 types of devices and across any operator network, including 2G and 3G GSM/UMTS, 2G and 3G CDMA, and WiFi networks.

Enterprises can choose or change their mobile handsets, handset platforms, and mobile applications and services. Operators can configure the Enterprise Manager with customer-controlled capabilities such as:

  • Rights and views that enable access to specific device management functions for each enterprise customer

  • The unrestricted ability for the enterprise to further define group-level service packages, style sheets and device configuration templates

  • Diagnose device and data service problems on employee's devices in real time, over the air

  • Set up, distribute and update mobile applications and services to the device over the air

  • Configure employees' data devices remotely

  • Maintain an inventory of all deployed devices, their status and their related configuration information

  • Enforce corporate security and access policies

  • Create and enforce corporate and IT policies, from password policies to setting approved and unapproved corporate applications

  • Tailor policies to fit organization roles (e.g., administration) and responsibilities

Mformation's latest Enterprise Manager [5.1] also incorporates a number of significant new security capabilities for controlling mobile devices and the critical data on them. These include features to enforce security policies such as password management, locking/wiping lost or stolen devices and backing up and restoring local device content. Policy management enables IT to shut down individual device features and services such as a camera or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


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