Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ixia Tests 10 Gig Performance of HP ProCurve Switch

In a commissioned test, Ixia verified the performance of HP's ProCurve Networking enterprise core switch. The 8212zl switch was tested for quality and performance on both video and VoIP.

Ixia's Aptixia IxNetwork solution emulated an enterprise topology with the OSPF routing protocol to fully stress the 8212zl's control plane, and at the same time, with its 10 Gigabit Ethernet XM LAN Services Modules, used 14 Ixia ports that generated 10 GbE line-rate traffic to stress the 8212zl's data plane. The Ixia test ports emulated video on demand, VoIP and HTTP as well as FTP applications across 10,000 advertised OSPF routes from 350 OSPF neighbors to measure the end user's experience of overall service quality. This demonstrated a real converged environment running over the switch.

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