Monday, September 24, 2007

Ixia Launches Real-World Bulk VoIP Testing

Ixia introduced its IxLoad SIP solution for bulk VoIP testing on a wide range of SIP- and RTP (real-time transmission protocol)-based devices, including SBCs (session border controllers), security appliances and IP-based PBXs.

Ixia said its VoIP test solution provides an environment of real-world triple-play traffic that accurately models live network environments. Using Ixia's test platform and the IxLoad SIP 3.40 solution, a single test chassis emulates millions of realistic call scenarios -- surpassing the scale of most network appliances.

IxLoad SIP emulates user agents that use SIP and RTP. Default configurations and state machines can be constructed for any session lifetime scenario. Message contents may also be customized to test SBCs that perform the deep packet inspections required to enforce QoS policies, thus ensuring that subscribers receive flawless video, high-quality voice calls and high-throughput Internet service.

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