Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ikanos and Wintegra Offer Ethernet Bonding for VDSL2

Ikanos Communications and Wintegra announced an Ethernet bonding solution for VDSL2. The solution combines Wintegra's Access Packet Processors and Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) bonding software with Ikanos' multi-mode VDSL2 central office (CO) chipsets.

The companies said a key benefit of Ethernet bonding at the line-card level is that it simplifies provisioning and minimizes operational issues for the carrier, which can now bond two or more copper pairs that are connected to the line card. Wintegra's latest software, which includes Ethernet bonding for multi-mode VDSL2, also offers TR-101 functionality in both the data and control paths. Ikanos' multi-mode VDSL2 chipsets and firmware support the transmission of EFM fragments to facilitate line card bonding.

The initial EFM bonding software release from Wintegra, which runs on its Access Processors, is available now and is fully interoperable with firmware on Ikanos' multi-mode VDSL2 CO chipsets.

"Line-card-based bonding is a truly differentiated offering," said Piyush Sevalia, vice president of marketing for the Access Products Group at Ikanos. "Carriers are searching for ways to increase revenue and ROI by reaching more customers with revenue-generating triple play and IPTV services. We believe that Ethernet bonding over VDSL2 is an effective solution for these carriers."http://www.ikanos.com



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