Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hammerhead Demonstrates Interoperability Between PBT and MPLS

As part of a Carrier Ethernet interoperability test at EANTC's lab in Berlin, Germany, Hammerhead Systems demonstrated direct PBT to MPLS interworking. Its HSX 6000 served as a gateway between a 3rd-party PBT network and a 3rd-party MPLS network.

Specifically, the Hammerhead HSX 6000 successfully interoperated with its PBT Service Gateway software feature in the end-to-end video multicast demonstration, by enabling video traffic from the metro MPLS network, through an MPLS core using the Cisco 7604 using VPLS and Pseudowires, to be distributed seamlessly to the metro PBT network to multiple PBT-enabled network elements. Hammerhead's HSX 6000 demonstrated end-to-end PBT capability interworking with equipment from Anda Networks, Ciena, Extreme Networks, Huawei Technologies, Nokia Siemens Networks, Nortel, TPACK, and World Wide Packets.

Hammerhead said the demonstration assures global carriers options for seamless interworking without intermediate steps between MPLS and PBT in their future networks.

Hammerhead's HSX 6000 enables service providers to interwork PBT deployments with the vast MPLS and growing VPLS installed base so carriers can leverage their existing MPLS investments as they evaluate and/or begin to deploy PBT networks.

The vendors participating in the interoperability testing included: Alcatel-Lucent, ANDA Networks, Ceragon Networks, Ciena, Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, Gridpoint Systems, Hammerhead Systems, Harris Stratex Networks, Huawei Technologies, Ixia Communications, Juniper Networks, MRV Communications, Nokia Siemens Networks, Nortel, RAD Data Communications, Shenick Network Systems, Soapstone Networks, Spirent, Telco Systems, Tellabs, TPACK and World Wide Packets.

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