Sunday, September 9, 2007

GotVoice Offers Automated Voicemail Transcription Service

GotVoice, a start-up based in Kirkland, Washington, has enhanced its web-based voicemail service with a new transcription capability that automatically checks voice messages from a user's mobile, home and office phones and then sends an SMS and/or email with the transcribed text. The transcribed message, along with the associated voicemail audio file, can be reviewed and searched via the service's web interface.

Unlike services that require a new number or call forwarding, GotVoice does not require a change in consumer behavior and works with major U.S. mobile and home phone carriers. Key capabilities include visual voicemail, allowing the user to see a list of new voicemails via the web interface and then choose which to hear first. An MP3 file of the incoming message can be forwarded to your email account. The GotVoice service can also be used to broadcast user-recorded voice messages to a list of recipients.

GotVoice is offering a free, advertising-supported basic service. The new transcription service is available as part of a Premium tier that is priced at $9.95 per month. Corporate service is also available.