Thursday, September 27, 2007

Emerson to Acquire Motorola's Embedded Communications Computing Business

Emerson agreed to acquire Motorola's Embedded Communications Computing (ECC) business for $350 million in cash.

Motorola's ECC business supplies embedded computing products and services to communication infrastructure and equipment manufacturers in telecommunications, medical imaging, defense and aerospace and industrial automation. Based in Tempe, Arizona, Motorola's ECC business has approximately 1,100 employees. The business has driven open standards and pioneered technologies based upon them since it was formed in 1980.

Motorola ECC embedded computing technologies specifically feature industry standards known as Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA) and Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture (MicroTCA).

Motorola's ECC business, which had 2006 revenue of approximately $520 million, will strengthen Emerson's position in the $6 billion-and-growing merchant embedded computing industry.

Emerson said the transaction enhances its ability to meet the embedded computing needs of customers in telecommunications and other industries. Motorola said the deal sharpens its focus on its core businesses and technologies.

  • Last month, Motorola introduced a compact, 2-slot version of its Centellis AdvancedTCA platform.
    With integrated power and shelf management, and capable of reusing any of the AdvancedTCA payload from its larger peers, the Centellis 2000 is positioned for smaller scale deployments, such as rural and low-density subscriber locations, as well as self-contained applications such as security, media processing and telecom servers.

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