Monday, September 24, 2007

DragonWave's AirPair Unite Converges Ethernet TDM

DragonWave introduced its AirPair Unite platform for converging Ethernet and Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) traffic across a single wireless, IP stream.

AirPair Unite is a single indoor unit deployed at the network edge. It aggregates low-order interfaces such as T1 to higher rates such as DS3 and OC3 in the core.

DragonWave's AirPair Unite operates within both licensed and unlicensed radio frequencies in the 11-to-38-GHz range, ensuring interference-free performance for customers' traffic. The DragonWave solution provides scalable, ultra-low-latency, wire-speed native Ethernet connectivity up to 800 Mbps full duplex and is a highly reliable platform enabling 99.999% service availability.

DragonWave said a wireless service provider or an enterprise could deploy the AirPair Unite pseudowire solution as a converged wireless backhaul solution. The solution could also be used in the backhaul of 3G and WiMAX network deployments.