Monday, September 10, 2007

DIRECTV to Use IP-Based Transmission in MDUs

DIRECTV announced its first planned deployment of its MFH3 (Multi-Family Housing version 3) technology for the delivery of all its satellite-delivered content and services using existing in-building distribution wiring. The IP-based MFH3 technology is a distribution platform that extends from a private "on-property" headend facility to each customer dwelling in a multi-dwelling complex.

The first deployment will be the Liberty Harbor project, a $1.5 billion waterfront development under construction in Brunswick, Georgia. In addition to a long list of resort style amenities, Liberty Harbor will feature a community based Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network that will deliver bundled communications, security and entertainment services to each of the 1,200 condos and 300 single family homes.

DSI Technologies, a division of Direct Satellite Installation - a leading DIRECTV dealer, will be the network operator and has selected AFL Telecommunications, a leading product supplier and Fiber-to-the-Home systems integrator, to provide the end-to-end solution.

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