Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Digital Lightwave Announces GFP over OTN Testing Capability

Digital Lightwave announced support for GFP (Generic Framing Procedure) mappings over OTN (Optical Transport Network) utilizing the versatile Next Generation Multi-Rate (NGMR) module. The NGMR supports the mapping of GFP into both OTU-1 (2.66Gbps) and OTU-2 (10.7Gbps) protocols. This module is available on all NIC Platform products. GFP over OTN will be available as a license-based Test Option for existing NGMR modules.

Digital Lightwave said GFP over OTN facilities allow for generation of Ethernet-filled GFP frames, mapped directly into OTN. There is no intervening SONET/SDH layer which reduces the amount of overhead and enables more efficient utilization of bandwidth. The NIC with GFP over OTN allows equipment manufacturers and service providers to deploy networks using the latest technologies.