Wednesday, September 19, 2007

BT's Carbon Impact Assessment Service Measures Net Usage Impact

BT has launched a service to help large corporates and public sector organizations reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. The carbon impact assessment enables organizations "to accurately calculate the amount of CO2 emissions produced as a result of the use of networked IT services."

BT said its carbon impact assessment takes into account the way people's work patterns (such as their travel and IT use) contribute to CO2 emissions, and how business operations, shared services, and building infrastructure add to an organization's carbon footprint. It allows a number of business scenarios to be tested and an assessment made of the associated energy and carbon reductions, such as, "What if I virtualized all or part of my call center?"; "What if I introduced agile working?"; "What if people didn't need to travel to meetings?"

The service is initially available in the UK and USA.

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