Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Broadcom Debuts Smaller Wi-Fi Chip

Broadcom announced a new low cost single-chip wireless LAN (WLAN) solution that has a 40 percent smaller footprint and consumes half the power of previous Broadcom solutions while offering the industry's lowest "rest of bill-of-material" (RBOM) costs and delivering the same superior performance of previous solutions.

The new BroadcomBCM4312 chip integrates an 802.11 MAC, baseband processor, and a dual-band radio (2.4 and 5 GHz) onto a single silicon die. The chip is optimized for single-band or dual-band use, making it an ideal solution for adding Wi-Fi to a variety of devices, including notebook PCs, broadband gateways and gaming platforms.

Broadcom also introduced a reference design that combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on a standard mini-card. Combining wireless technologies onto a single module reduces the number of card slots required for wireless subsystems in smaller notebook platforms.


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