Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Avanex Expands 10G Tunable Transponder Portfolio

Avanex has expanded its 10G extended reach tunable transponder product portfolio with a new "PowerReach" 10 Gbps Optical Duobinary (ODB) transponder. The unit combines Avanex's Lithium Niobate modulators with its tunable transponder design to create a high performance extended reach tunable transponder with reach capability up to 160 km without added amplification.

The PowerReach ODB advanced modulation technology provides higher dispersion tolerance and narrower laser line width -- two key features that allow optical signals to travel longer distance with low transmission bit error. The PowerReach ODB can typically achieve a bit error rate below 10-3 with OSNR as low as 12 dB through ±3200 ps/nm, while maintaining power consumption below 12 W (7W at 35oC). The PowerReach ODB is also compliant with large form factor 300pin MSA standards.

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