Tuesday, September 18, 2007

AT&T Offers BlackBerry with Wi-Fi

AT&T and Research In Motion (RIM) announced that the first cellular and Wi-Fi BlackBerry handset.

The BlackBerry 8820 provides support for 802.11a, b and g with enterprise security features, extending the BlackBerry platform to business customers at public hot spots and on wireless local area networks. Customers can use a BlackBerry 8820 to link to their enterprise through home Wi-Fi networks. They also will be able to access broadband services. It supports the standard BlackBerry feature set, which includes call management and premium phone features, built-in Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) -- with support for such solutions as TeleNav GPS Navigator and TeleNav Track -- AT&T's Push-to-Talk service, Bluetooth 2.0, built-in media player and a microSD expandable memory slot for music, photo and video storage.

The BlackBerry 8820 will be available for $299.99 -- with a two-year contract and rebate.