Wednesday, September 12, 2007

AllPeers Enables BitTorrent Downloads Inside Firefox

AllPeers Ltd, a software start-up based in Oxford, England with offices in the Czech Republic, has added new capabilities to its free plug-in to support standard BitTorrent downloads directly inside the Firefox web browser. With this new release, AllPeers becomes a Social BitTorrent client, making it far simpler to share and recommend torrents to friends.

AllPeers said its goal is to make downloading of torrent files as easy as normal web downloads. The new plug-in enables the user to just click on a link and the download starts, right inside the Firefox browser. The social features let users share torrent files using the encrypted AllPeers network, directly with their existing AllPeers contacts or by sending files to any email address.

AllPeers estimates that BitTorrent already accounts for over 40 percent of all Internet traffic, boasting over 35 million users.

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