Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alcatel-Lucent Supplies IMS Gear for CableLab's PacketCable Lab

Alcatel-Lucent has supplied its next-generation IP multimedia applications and core network technology for use in the CableLabs PacketCable 2.0 Applications Lab. The lab, launched in April 2007, provides a PacketCable application showcase and development test bed for the cable industry and is a venue where network equipment providers and application developers can test and demonstrate cutting-edge applications for voice, multimedia, wireless, and converged services across PacketCable 2.0 core networks from multiple suppliers. The lab will additionally be used as an interoperability test bed to help CableLabs and manufacturers prepare for PacketCable 2.0 certification.

Alcatel-Lucent has provided a 3GPP-compliant IMS network consisting of the Alcatel- Lucent Session Manager that provides IMS session management and control and includes the functions which manage voice, data, and video communication sessions for end users. Alcatel-Lucent also supplied the Alcatel-Lucent Feature Server 5000 that offers both residential and enterprise voice applications and the Alcatel-Lucent Unified Subscriber Data Server that contains subscriber data used by IMS applications.

Additional gear includes the Alcatel- Lucent Communication Manager web portal, which can be used in conjunction with SIP-based clients, and an Alcatel-Lucent element management system for provisioning and management of the solution.

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