Monday, August 20, 2007

Verizon Business Launches Hosted Unified Communications Solutions

Verizon Business introduced its Integrated Communications Package for customers of its Hosted IP Centrex. The network-based service provides a central hub where employees can access voice mail, control incoming and outgoing calls, manage their online presence, send text messages, and synchronize contacts and calendars. The services can be used on a Web-based interface, or run in conjunction with a stand-alone desktop client and Microsoft Outlook plug-in. An Administrative Console provides a Web-based tool to the corporate administrator for near real-time service control and management.

The Integrated Communications Package will be available to U.S.-based Hosted IP Centrex customers beginning next month, with plans to expand internationally later this year.

As the service evolves, Verizon Business plans to integrate it with its portfolio of advanced audio, net and video conferencing services, and contact center services.