Sunday, August 26, 2007

ECI Supplies Optical and Broadband for Vietnam's Viettel

Viettel, a network operator in Vietnam, has selected ECI Telecom's optical and broadband access solutions to expand its nationwide network. Specifically, ECI has supplied its XDM Multi-Service Transmission Platform (MSTP), BroadGate (BGTM) Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP), and Hi-FOCuS Multi-Service Access Node (MSAN) platform in an IP DSLAM configuration. The project is being implemented by ECI's business partner in Vietnam, Ntegrator.

Viettel is building a new, long haul DWDM network with a capacity of 40 channels of 10 Gbps using ECI's XDM all-range platform. The network uses very high power fiber amplifiers, widely tunable lasers and very long reach transponders. Viettel also chose ECI's cost-effective, miniature BG-20 optical platform in order to provide optical access for backhauling of mobile base station traffic.

In addition, for this network expansion, Viettel installed ECI's Hi-FOCuS-5 MSAN platform to increase DSL broadband access from Ho Chi Minh City to the other major cities and provinces in the country.

ECI and Ntegrator have been leading suppliers in Viettel for the past nine years, supplying optical equipment for nationwide wireless backhaul.

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