Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bubble Motion Cites Uptake of "Voice SMS" in Asia

Bubble Motion, a start-up based in Mountain View, California with offices in Singapore, cited a rapid uptake of its "Voice SMS" application amongst users in Asia.

"BubbleTALK" is a "Click, Talk and Send" asynchronous Short Voice Messaging Service (SVMS). Messages are limited to 30 seconds of voice recording. The application runs on all handsets.

Bubble Motion said the top user last month made a record-breaking 3201 Bubble messages in a single month. Despite this huge number, this user was not alone in their high usage of the service, as many consumers have started to use BubbleTALK as their main form of communication. In fact all top five BubbleTALK users racked up at least 67 Voice SMS messages every day, or 2000+ messages per month.

BubbleTALK carriers include Vodafone in Egypt, Airtel in India, Digi in Malaysia, Indosat in Indonesia, CSL and New World Mobility in Hong Kong.