Monday, August 13, 2007

AT&T Offers Storage Over SONET

AT&T announced a new capability that allows businesses to access a storage area network directly over Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) rings without the need for additional interface equipment. Until now, businesses with SONET rings had few choices if they wanted to operate a storage network; they could upgrade their existing SONET configuration or build a separate storage area network.

AT&T said its new storage-over-SONET interfaces to eliminate the need for new equipment by enabling a customer's existing SONET equipment to recognize traffic "tagged" specifically for a storage area network. The interfaces are available to customers of AT&T SMARTRing and LightGate optical transport services.

AT&T expects the storage-over-SONET interfaces will be especially useful to organizations such as hospitals, government institutions, call centers and financial services companies, which are required to maintain separate storage networks to comply with consumer-privacy regulations.

AT&T's storage interfaces over SONET are among several new enhancements to its SMARTRing and LightGate optical transport services. Other enhancements include expanded Ethernet capabilities over SONET and more options for connecting AT&T Wavelength services to SONET equipment. The enhancements to optical wavelength services include:

  • The reduction of required nodes for the Wavelength Dedicated Rings to two. This allows customers with smaller networks to take advantage of AT&T's wavelength services.

  • The introduction of a 10 GB Layer 1 local area network feature for point-to-point Wavelength service.

  • The ability to connect Wavelength services with SONET equipment for delivery of DS1 and DS3 services. This capability reduces the need for capital investment in additional optical connection equipment. AT&T offers a complete suite of optical solutions for both business and wholesale customers.

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