Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wisair Unveils Single CMOS Chip for Wireless USB

Wisair announced commercial availability of a single-die CMOS chip for both host and device Wireless USB applications. The production-ready chip, based on WiMedia and Certified Wireless USB standards, integrates UWB PHY (including RF), MAC and Wireless USB subsystems.

Wisair said its new device could enable a range of Wireless USB applications, including battery-powered, portable devices. The device is implemented in digital CMOS process and supports HWA, DWA and Native device protocols, and features SDIO and USB interfaces, isochronous data transfer and cable and numeric association models.

Wisair noted that its chip can deliver full-room coverage with connectivity ranges of 8 meters at 480Mbps and over 20 meters at 200 Mbps. For mobile devices where battery life is key, the WSR601 provides power-save modes and an average power consumption of 385 mW at 100 Mbps throughput.


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