Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Verizon Wireless Launches Veoh Video Channel

Verizon Wireless launched a "Veoh" channel on the Verizon Wireless V CAST service, offering mobile users a wide selection of video content on the Internet. Veoh, which operates a video hosting and sharing site, said it has signed more than 85,000 video publishers -- from independent producers to some of the best known brands in music, sports, politics, and entertainment -- to use its distribution platform.

To get V CAST, customers with select V CAST-enabled phones can check out V CAST whenever they want for just $3.00 for 24-hour use or by signing up for the $15.00 V CAST VPak monthly subscription. Customers get unlimited basic video -- including Veoh -- but application download fees apply for 3D games and premium video. There are no airtime charges to download, stream or watch V CAST content. Customers can find Veoh in the Net's Best section on all V CAST-enabled phones.

The two companies said their relationship will also enable Verizon to bring Veoh content to Verizon's consumer broadband services and FiOS TV, marking the first time Veoh content will be available on three screens. A Veoh channel is expected on the VerizonSurround broadband entertainment portal this fall; FiOS TV, Verizon's next generation TV service, is slated to carry Veoh content later this year. As part of the relationship, Verizon is also advertising on VeohTV.


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