Sunday, July 1, 2007

United Wireless Acquires Velocita Wireless for Mobitex Service

United Wireless Holdings, Inc. announced today that it has acquired Velocita Wireless, an indirect subsidiary of Sprint Nextel that provides Mobitex services. Mobitex is a wireless technology developed by Ericsson for delivering dedicated packet switched data with high reliability, integrity and security.

In connection with the merger, Velocita Wireless will lease certain FCC spectrum channels from various affiliates of Sprint Nextel Corp., subject to any required FCC approvals.

Velocita Wireless provides mission-critical wireless data solutions for enterprises and governmental organizations deploying machine-to- machine (M2M), telematics, point-of-sale, and telemetry applications. Velocita Wireless operates a nationwide Mobitex wireless network covering 93% of the U.S. business population. The company is based in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

United Wireless Holdings is an associate of Mobitex Technology AB, the Swedish based wireless technology company that provides and supports the technology on which the Velocita Wireless network is based.