Monday, July 16, 2007

Nortel Supplies Packet Backbone Transport for Rural Carrier

Nortel will supply a Metro Ethernet solution based on Provider Backbone Transport (PBT) to Dakota Carrier Network, an association of independent rural telcos serving North Dakota. The Dakota Carrier Network solution is based on the Nortel Metro Ethernet Routing Switch 8600, which enables PBT control over Ethernet. PBT brings the ability for Ethernet to have carrier-grade reliability, as it enables data to traverse known paths at assigned bandwidth levels through the network.

In addition to PBT, DCN is deploying Nortel's Metro Ethernet Manager as the element manager of the carrier Ethernet portion of their network. Nortel's Metro Ethernet Manager will provide end-to-end service and PBT trunk provisioning, enhanced fault management and troubleshooting capabilities for DCN's PBT network.

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