Monday, July 2, 2007

Nokia Siemens Networks Develops 3G Femto Home Access solution

Nokia Siemens Networks announced plans for a 3G Femto Home Access solution with open interfaces and a new network element, Femto Gateway. The new 3G Femto Home Access solution is a new way of enhancing WCDMA 3G coverage in homes, giving consumers a strong signal with any standard WCDMA terminal. The Femto CPE will use IP broadband backhaul. It will incorporate 3G Node B and RNC, with xDSL and Wi-Fi capabilities optionally available.

On the network side, the new Femto Gateway network element will not require changes in the operators' existing core network, as it will connect to the core network over a standard interface. Mounted in a standard telco rack, it serves as the grooming point for cellular traffic to multiple Femto CPE. The Femto Gateway will also connect via an open interface to Femto Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) in homes, allowing Femto customer equipment from multiple vendors to be connected to it. The Femto Gateway will support any Femto CPE certified by Nokia Siemens Networks to conform with the interface.

Nokia Siemens Networks said it will co-operate with Femto CPE vendors to ensure interoperability of their equipment to the Nokia Siemens Networks interface.

Trials of the 3G Femto Home Access solution will start at the beginning of 2008, and commercial deployments are planned for the third quarter of 2008.