Monday, July 23, 2007

KT Deploys Strix Systems for NESPOT WiFi Hotspots

KT is deploying Strix Systems' Access/One Network Outdoor Wireless Systems (OWS) in a wireless mesh network to support seamless mobile access to its NESPOT Wi-Fi internet service. KT's NESPOT integrates fixed-line and wireless services, offering wireless internet access to laptops, PDAs, and homes.

In this first wave of deployments, Strix distributor Broadwave, Inc., of Korea installed the Strix network in cooperation with its sales partner, Hyundai HDS, at the award-winning Westin Chosun Hotel Busan beachfront hotel in Busan, Korea. In addition to installing Strix OWS mesh networks at hotels, airports, and major metro areas such as Seoul, Incheon, and Dangjin that KT serves, Broadwave expects to install the Strix networks for many customers in factories, on islands, in coastal areas, and in any other areas that can benefit from a wireless mesh network.

Since launching the NESPOT service in February 2002, KT has deployed about 27,000 access points at 12,000 sites, including universities, banks, airports, and transportation terminals, and has gained more than 440,000 subscribers.

  • In February 2007, Strix announced a strategic investment from Samsung Ventures. Samsung Electronics is a leading supplier of WiMAX equipment worldwide. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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