Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kentucky's Foothills Telephone Selects Occam

Kentucky's Foothills Telephone Cooperative has selected Occam Networks' Broadband Loop Carrier system and remote terminal cabinets to upgrade its network. Specifically, Foothills has purchased Occam remote terminal cabinets, Gigabit Ethernet transport ring equipment, BLC 6252-02 ADSL2Plus Blades and BLC 6244 ADSL2Plus Blades. The BLC 6252 will provide 48 ports of ADSL2Plus with Lifeline POTS on the same physical interface to deliver voice, data and video services. The BLC 6244 will provide 24 ports of ADSL2Plus with Lifeline POTS to deliver high take rate voice, data and video services in low-density applications. Combining the two blades will integrate subscriber DSL and POTS ports with Gigabit Ethernet transport capabilities allowing them to be 100% DSL equipped.

Foothills Telephone Cooperative serves over 15,000 residential and business customers throughout Johnson, Lawrence and Magoffin Counties in Kentuckyhttp://www.occamnetworks.com

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